Realizing our Biases

I share a lot of content on my Facebook page and my blog. My biases are breastfeeding, natural unmedicated birth and gentle attachment parenting. These are my biases and I have acknowledged them, they don’t mean that I think all other choices are wrong. The other choices are just ones that I wouldn’t make. If you are wanting information about topics I don’t normally post about, ask me and I will find it for you. I will likely even post it to my page after I find it because it means that someone else is likely looking for the same info.

I am sorry if the content that I post upsets you or makes you sad. That is not my intention. My intention is to get what I feel is important, correct information about breastfeeding and natural birth out to those that choose to seek out that information. It makes me upset when I hear mothers talk about wanting to breastfeed/natural birth/home birth and ending up having to make different choices. It really upsets me when I hear what I know is untrue information being repeated about breastfeeding and natural birth. Most of the time it is unintentional, sometimes it isn’t, sometimes it is even just because that is what that mother has to tell herself at the end of the day to make herself feel better. Misinformation has been spread about these topics(and I will admit for the other topics as well) for a long time now. It needs to stop.

Yes, we can be sad and upset about our choices having to change, I’ve been there. What I will not do is make excuses for the choices that I had to make. I tried, it didn’t work, now I am taking what I have learned from that experience and I am trying help other women so that they don’t have the same situation happen to them. One thing I do know for sure, we need to stop spreading the misinformation, even if it is thought to be for that woman’s own good. It is not helping.