Born to do this….


You know that saying…”Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about.”

That is what birth and breastfeeding is to me. I have spent the past year or so trying to walk away from the birth world, trying to tell myself that I can live without it.

It’s NOT working. 😉 I still search out the blog posts and the articles about birth and breastfeeding everyday. I love posting new and/or old favourites to my Facebook page for people to read and expand their knowledge. I have missed helping women find their strength during labour. Seeing such amazing women birth their babies. I have not been able to devote myself as much as I would like to being a doula yet as I have been having my own babies over the last five years. Today my youngest turns two….very bittersweet. He is finally showing signs that he is secure enough to be with someone other than me for periods of time. My older two are growing up as well. The oldest is showing what a great source of help he can be with his younger two brothers. I will be able to take on one doula client a month over the next year or two until my littles are really mature enough to leave for the length of time I may be away at a birth and the time taken for prenatal appointments. I am always available for baby wearing and post partum work of course.

Thank you so much to my clients over the past five years….Welcome to all my new clients to come.