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I have learned so much in the 5+ years that I have spent wearing my babies. It is this time spent solving the quirks of babywearing that will make me your best choice to solve any issues and teach you the best way to carry your babies. This is my babywearing adventure story….

I started out my babywearing journey in 2007 with my firstborn and a snugli carrier. It was alright and I could easily cuddle anytime I wanted or get things done around the house easier. It didn’t seem to stay comfy as long as I thought it would though.

I had my second boy in 2009 and looked further into babywearing. I knew that I would be able to make use of babywearing while cooking meals, grocery shopping, playing with my oldest and keeping baby calm and comforted when needed. I found out about making your own carriers and also about other types of carriers. I decided to make my own and found some slightly stretchy fabric at Wal-Mart and started following instructions for wrapping. It was my very own homemade stretchy carrier and we loved it!

Then at about four months or so, when my little guy got to be about 15 or 20lbs the stretchy fabric wasn’t as comfy as when we started out. I looked into purchasing a mei-tei carrier for us to use as it could be used as a front carrier and a back carrier. I purchased our first mei-tei carriers off of etsy from a WAHM and was very happy with them. My little man was happy on my front but was getting fairly big and I couldn’t do as much anymore with him there, so onto my back he went! He loved it and was able to experience the world from a whole new perspective. I feel that little ones get to experience a much richer life when they are held up high and can see things from the same angle as adults do. It is also much easier to point out things that will interest them when they are already facing the same direction that you are.

I found my third type of carrier when my second born was about a year old. Soft structured carriers are ones that have a soft body and padded straps that end in buckles. I decided to try one out and see if all the hype was worth it. They got rave reviews and were apparently easier to get on and off than a mei-tei with all the knots to tie. I liked it, although I found it hard to do up by myself while I was carrying on my front as the shoulder straps would slip if the connecting strap wasn’t done up in the back which was hard for me to reach. They were very comfortable for back carries with my now heavy toddler though!

I had been happy with what I had found so far but knew that I hadn’t quite found a carrier that could do everything I needed yet. Fast forward to two years later and I have learned about woven wraps and more about ring slings at my babywearing educator course from The Canadian Babywearing School. I had my third baby in 2012 and am very happy with a woven wrap for long carries and cuddling. I also love using our ring slings for trips to town when I am doing a lot of taking baby in and out of the car or stores. I was able to use the woven wrap for much needed and appreciated skin to skin time in the first week after he was born. I also love using it when we all go for walks or play outside on our acreage.

It is the most useful “baby” item I have ever purchased!