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Call to help us grow our midwifery program in the Cypress Health Region

Advocating for more midwives in our area(as well as across the province) has been a passion of mine for a long time now. Midwifery has had its ups and downs since it was registered in the province of SK in 2008 but it has proved itself to be a service that is needed and asked for. The wait list has been very long in each area it has been implemented since the beginning and each month sees women that are asking for care turned down because there simply isn’t enough room without our midwives becoming overworked. We need more funding for midwifery care so that there are no longer women that feel they have no choices or control over their births.

I think what many people do not realize is that it is up to the consumer to ask for help with growing this program. Our government is funding the program in our province of SK but not well enough to employ the number of midwives needed to meet demand. It is set up differently in each province in Canada, here in SK our midwives work for the health region they are serving. The government funds the midwifery program by allocating monies to each health region which has employed midwives. There is only so much our health region can do with the amounts they receive.

I hope that you will consider signing this petition whether you prefer the care of midwives, family doctor or need an OBGYN. Whether you are done having children or haven’t even considered the option. Your children may wish to have the care of midwives for their children, or midwifery care may enable more space in the hospital when you need it. The more women that are able to access midwifery care will mean that there will be better access to our family doctors for the women that want their care prenatally and during birth. Same with the women that need the specialized care of our OBGYNs.

Every woman should be able to have a choice of preferred caregiver, will you help those that wish to have midwifery for theirs? Sign the petition here—->

To find more information on how to help our midwives locally join the facebook group Supporting Midwives in the Cypress Health Region

To find more information on how to help our midwives across the province “like” the facebook page Where’s My Midwife? Saskatchewan