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Ignorance is not bliss.

I have made a lot of changes in the past few years. I am now making many decisions differently than my “mainstream” peers. As a result I am starting to hear quite a few differing opinions directed towards me, which I don’t usually mind as it facilitates discussion. What I find upsetting and to be honest, quite ignorant, are some of the outrageous things that are said to me. The other day I heard what, to the present date, has been the most ignorant.

“If you are birthing at home, you shouldn’t be allowed to call an ambulance.”
“You didn’t want care….”

The meaning behind this opinion was that, as an unassisted birthing woman, if you chose to not have a registered care provider at your birth, you should no longer have access to any qualified help should something go wrong at your birth. This person believes that if you choose to not have a qualified attendant at your birth and something goes wrong, you and/or your baby should die. Pretty callous when you really dig into the truth behind the words.

Now, there are some women/families that believe whatever happens while they are pregnant and/or birthing is meant to be. They don’t seek out any care, whatever happens. That is their choice and they have the right to make it.

What upsets me so much about statements like this from others? They have absolutely no right to make that choice for someone else. It is that kind of mentality that crushes basic human rights. It shows that they don’t have respect for other humans. Very sad.

I will always fight for human rights. For woman’s choice. For birthing mothers choices. For breastfeeding mothers choices. That does not mean that I believe other choices made are wrong. It just means they aren’t the right choice for me. I absolutely would not try to prevent that choice for someone else. It is not my place, not my choice, not my life to live.

I can still find a way to support others in choices that I wouldn’t make….can you?



Adelir Carmen Lemos de Goés’ case scares me….and it should scare you too.

This week a brazilian woman was taken by force by police from her home while in labor. Her crime? Refusing a repeat cesarean and having the audacity to insist that she – the pregnant woman – had the highest investment in her health, her baby’s health, and the outcome of her pregnancy. Her sentence was a court order handed down from a judge that would force her to undergo major abdominal surgery for the birth of her child against her will.”

I first heard about Adelir’s story about a week ago. It has been covered by many blogs and birthy sites like this here on Birth Anarchy, which I quoted above. As you can read in her history all she wanted to do was avoid major abdominal surgery and give birth vaginally….in the hospital. Her story was most recently covered by The Guardian in this article Inside the War on Natural Birth.

The more we as a society turn a blind eye to cruelty like these cases the more people that are looking after our care will feel like they have the power to make our decisions for us. I will always fight for a women’s right to make choices regarding her own body and that of her children. NO ONE is in greater position to make these decisions for her…NO ONE! It doesn’t matter if you don’t think it is a safe decision or you wouldn’t make the same decision that she does, she still has the right to make that decision about her own body.