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Safe Sleep

Do you know how to sleep safely with your baby? Did you know that sleeping with your baby can be done safely? This post goes into the different terms involved in the hows and whys of babies and sleep.

Bedsharing ~ sleeping with your infant/baby/toddler in the same bed
Co-Sleeping/Room sharing ~ sleeping in the same room with your infant/baby/toddler, they can be in a bassinette/crib/playpen
Couch/Chair sleeping ~ falling asleep in a couch or chair with your infant/baby/toddler

I would never recommend the couch/chair sleeping as it very dangerous and can easily become fatal for the infant/baby/toddler involved. Unfortunately when some people talk about Bed sharing they really mean Couch/Chair sleeping, these two terms are very different and should never be confused. There are many fabulous resources out there that explain how to sleep safely with your baby. These are just some of them.

This is a video of James McKenna PHD talking about the hows and whys of all these forms of sleeping and how it can be done safely. He is the director of the Mother-Baby Behavioural Sleep Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame. You can view the site here

If you are wondering now what exactly bedsharing can look like when it is done safely….

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