A Postpartum doula…

I’m home with the baby(ies) now… what….HELP!!!

First off…take a deep breath.

I, as a postpartum doula am here to help you and your family adjust to life with your new little bundle of joy!

Here is some info in case you aren’t quite sure what a Postpartum doula can do for you. Postpartum doulas are skilled and knowledgeable about the care and development of infants as well as maternal recovery and adjustment. We provide non-judgemental guidance on newborn care and feeding, assist the mother with physical and emotional recovery, care for baby so mother can care for herself, and provide practical household assistance.

Benefits of Postpartum Doula Care:

~ Increases success of breastfeeding

~ Facilitates parent-infant bonding

~ Decreases incidence of postpartum depression

~ Encourages appropriate well-baby and mother care

~ Increases parents’ confidence in their parenting skills

Source: Nurturing Beginnings, by Debra Pascali-Bonaro

Postpartum doulas do not provide medical services or treatments for mother or baby, nor do we provide heavy housekeeping. Postpartum doulas support whatever parenting style you choose. We assist you with your needs making it easier for you to parent your new baby.